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How do I change my institution’s ACH account information that is used for the automatic payment of our quarterly regulatory fee?

As you are aware, your institution makes its quarterly regulatory fee payment through an account number and routing number you have previously established with the Bureau. The Bureau automatically debits this account quarterly, making the fee payment process simple and efficient for both the industry and the Bureau.

If your institution has changed its routing number, its account number, or the type of account being debited (for example, changing from a checking account to general ledger account) or all of the above, then you are required to promptly notify the Bureau. To notify the Bureau, you may download the ACH Form from our web site and either.

Mail the Form To:
Compliance Reporting Section
Division of Banking
320 West Washington Street
Springfield, IL 62786

or Fax the Form To:
ATTN: Compliance Reporting Section

This form must be signed by the financial institution's President, Vice-President or Cashier to be valid. If you have any questions, please direct them to our Compliance Section at (217) 524-5364.