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Memorandum to ATM Owners - End of Microsoft Support for Windows XP in ATMs

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Consumer Notice
If you conduct a transaction at an ATM that promises a certain surcharge via a sign on the machine or on the terminal screen, like $1.50, but when you review your account statement you discover that the surcharge was actually higher than promised, like $1.75, then please send an email to and indicate 1) the ATM owner’s name, 2) the location of the ATM (address, city, zip), 3) the ATM’s serial number (if one can be found), 4) any contact information that is on the ATM and 5) any other information you find important.

Frequently Asked Questions   ATM Locators
What is a Non-Bank Owned ATM?   SHAZAM ATM Locator - SHAZAM is a regional ATM network in the United States
Who can own a Non-Bank Owned ATM or a Cash Dispensing Only ATM?   Star Network - Search for over 20,000 Star ATMs
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Notice of Establishment or Ownership of a Cash Dispensing Terminal (PDF - Click Here for Word Version)
PLEASE NOTE: These documents have been updated - all prior versions are obsolete.
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Terminal Registration Spreadsheet   NYCE ATM Locator - To locate an ATM that participates in NYCE, you can search by financialinstitution or by city and state.
    MetaBank - Nearly 11,000 ATM’s for your financial needs, this link provides a listing of terminals by city in Illinois.
Registration Fee   Non-Bank Owned ATM Locator
There is no fee  
Illinois Statutes
Act 616 -- Electronic Fund Transfer Act - This act governs electronic fund transfers in this State. It defines who may establish cash-only ATMs and who may establish both deposit-taking and cash-only ATMs. It also defines certain terminal requirements.
Act 695 -- Automated Teller Machine Security Act - This Act requires that an ATM operator comply with certain safety requirements (i.e. lighting) concerning the establishment and maintenance of ATMs in Illinois.
Federal Law and Regulations
An ATM establisher in this state must comply with the federal law and regulation dealing with automated teller machines. Section 55 of Illinois’ EFT ACT, 205 ILCS 616/55, adopts as part of Illinois law the federal EFT and federal regulation E, which was promulgated pursuant to the federal EFT.
Federal Electronic Fund Transfer Act, 15 U.S.C., Ch. 41, Sub Cat. VI.
Federal Reserve Board Regulation E, 12 C.F.R. Part 205
It is the purpose of the Act and the Federal Reserve Board Regulation to provide a basic framework establishing the rights, liabilities, and responsibilities of participants in electronic fund transfer systems. The primary objective of the Act and the Federal Reserve Board Regulation, however, is the provision of individual consumer rights.

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