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BancGroup Mortgage Corp.


Letter Assessing Fine




Prime Mortgage BancShares, Inc.


Letter Assessing Fine




Core One Mortgage, Inc.


Letter Assessing Fine




Elizabeth Fay Mortgage


Letter Assessing Fine




Illinois Mortgage Corporation


Letter Assessing Fine (N/A)




Marquee Financial Services, LLC


Letter Assessing Fine




MidAmerica Mortgage & Financial Services, Ltd.


Letter Assessing Fine




Mortgage 1 Network, Inc.


Letter Assessing Fine




Express Mortgage, Inc.


Letter Assessing Fine (N/A)




CTX Mortgage Company, LLC


Letter Rescinding 04-19-2002 fine (N/A)



Greater Investment Mortgage Corp.


Consent Order Assessing Fine and Establishing Payment Schedule



Bell America Mortgage, LLC


Consent Agreement




First Midwest Mortgage Corp.


Letter Revoking License (N/A)



Order 2004-BRF-01-b Rescinding Suspension of License

Accountant Mortgage and Loan Services


Order 2004-BRF-01 Suspending License and Assessing Fine



Allegiant Bank


Order 2004-BRF-02 Suspending License and Assessing Fine



Order 2004-BRF-03-b Rescinding Suspension of License

City First Mortgage Services, LLC


Order 2004-BRF-03 Suspending License and Assessing Fine



Community Mortgage Bankers


Order 2004-BRF-04 Suspending License and Assessing Fine



Elite Agents Mortgage Services, Inc.


Order 2004-BRF-05 Suspending License and Assessing Fine



Mortgage Group USA, Inc.


Order 2004-BRF-06 Suspending License and Assessing Fine



St. John’s Mortgage Corp.


Order 2004-BRF-07 Suspending License and Assessing Fine



Order 2004-BRF-08-b rescinding suspension and fine

Pacific Phoenix Group, Inc.


Order 2004-BRF-08 Suspending License and Assessing Fine



First Capital Financial Services Corp.


Order 2004-BRF-09 Assessing Fine



North Shore Financial Group, Inc.


Order 2004-BRF-10 Suspending License and Assessing Fine



American Family Mortgage Banking, Inc.


Order 2004-BRF-11 Suspending License and Assessing Fine



Capitol Commerce Mortgage


Order 2004-BRF-12 Revoking License



First Midwest Mortgage


Order 2004-BRF-13 Revoking License



Streamline Mortgage, Inc.


Order 2004-BRF-14 Revoking License



Consent Order 2004-BRF-15-b Rescinding Suspension of License (N/A)

5 Star Financial, Inc.


Order 2004-BRF-15 Suspending License



Best Rate, LLC


Order 2004-BRF-17 Assessing Penalty Fee



The Mortgage House, Inc.


Order 2004-BRF-18 Assessing Penalty Fee



M3 Mortgage Specialists, Inc.


Order 2004-BRF-19 Assessing Penalty Fee



CBM Financial Corporation


Order 2004-BRF-26 Suspending License and Assessing Fine



Continental Mortgage Corp. of IL


Order 2004-BRF-27 Suspending License and Assessing Fine



Pinnacle Mortgage Group


Order 2004-BRD-29 Assessing Fine

06-15-2004 Order 2004-MBR-24-b issued 08-27-04 rescinding penalty fee Burnett Home Loans   Order 2004-BRF-24 Assessing Penalty Fee
06-15-2004   Capital Home Funding, LLC   Order 2004-BRF-25 Suspending License and Assessing Fine
06-15-2004   AmeriFirst, Inc.   Order 2004-BRF-28 Assessing Fine
06-15-2004   Mortgage 1 Network, Inc.   Order 2004-BRF-30 Assessing Penalty Fee
06-15-2004   LSC Financial Services, Inc.   Order 2004-BRF-47 Suspending License and Assessing Penalty Fee
06-15-2004   Metroplex Funding Corp.   Order 2004-BRF-48 Suspending License
06-15-2004   Draper & Kramer Mortgage Corp.   Order 2004-BRF-50 Assessing Penalty Fee
06-15-2004   Home Loan Mortgage Corporation   Order 2004-BRF-51 Assessing Penalty Fee
06-15-2004   Provident Funding Group, Inc.   Order 2004-BRF-52 Assessing Penalty Fee
06-15-2004   World Wide Financial Services, Inc.   Order 2004-BRF-53 Assessing Penalty Fee
06-15-2004   Wilshire Credit Corporation   Order 2004-BRF-54 Assessing Penalty Fee

Order 2004-MBR-56-b issued 08-12-04 assessing penalty fee

Order 2004-MBR-56-c removed suspension

1st Palm Financial Services, LLC   Order 2004-BRF-56 Suspending License
06-15-2004   21st Mortgage Corporation   Order 2004-BRF-57 Suspending License
06-15-2004   Metwest Mortgage Services, Inc.   Order 2004-BRF-58 Suspending License
06-15-2004   Sterling Capital Mortgage Company   Order 2004-BRF-59 Suspending License
06-15-2004   Burnet Home Loans   Order 2004-BRF-60 Assessing Fine
06-15-2004   Stohr Capital Group, Inc. d/b/a Source Financial   Order 2004-BRF-67 Assessing Fine
06-15-2004   Stohr Capital Group, Inc. d/b/a Source Financial   Order 2004-BRF-68 Emergency Suspension
06-24-2004   Marquis Financial & Associates, Inc.   Order 2004-BRF-34 Assessing Penalty Fee
06-24-2004   Best Mortgage & Financial Services, Inc.   Order 2004-BRF-35 Assessing Fine
06-24-2004   American Funding, Inc.   Order 2004-BRF-36 Assessing Fine
06-24-2004   A-Pan American Mortgage Group, LLC   Order 2004-BRF-37 Assessing Penalty Fee
06-24-2004 Order 2004-MBR-38-b issued 08-27-04 rescinding fine PinPoint Mortgage Corporation   Order 2004-BRF-38 Assessing Fine
06-24-2004   Bissam Financial Services, Inc.   Order 2004-BRF-39 Assessing Fine
06-24-2004   Omega Mortgage Mall, Inc.   Order 2004-BRF-40 Assessing Fine
06-24-2004   Neighborhood Lending, Inc.   Order 2004-BRF-41 Assesing Fine
06-24-2004   D R Funding of Illinois, Inc.   Order 2004-BRF-42 Assessing Fine
06-24-2004   Evantis   Order 2004-BRF-44 Assessing Fine
06-24-2004 Order 2004-MBR-46-b issued 08-12-04 removing suspension Gomez & Steider   Order 2004-BRF-46 Suspending License and Assessing Fine
06-24-2004   Neighborhood Lending Services, Inc.   Order 2004-BRF-55 Assessing Penalty Fee
07-13-2004   Citywide Mortgage Pros, Inc.   Order 2004-BRF-49 Suspending License and Assessing Penalty Fee
07-13-2004   Equicredit Corporation of America   Order 2004-BRF-71 Order Rescinding Fine
07-20-2004   Home USA Mortgage Company   Order 2004-BRF-33 Assessing Penalty Fee
07-20-2004   Midwest Mortgage Centers Inc.   Order 2004-BRF-22 Assessing Fine

Freedom Home Mortgage Corp.

  Order 2004-BRF-73 Rescinding Fine
07-22-2004   Mortgage Services, Inc.   Order 2004-BRF-74 Assessing Fine
07-22-2004   Riverfront Mortgage Services, Inc.   Order 2004-BRF-75 Assessing Fine
07-22-2004   State Street Mortgage and Finance Co., Inc.   Order 2004-BRF-76 Imposing Probation
07-20-2004   Choice One Mortgage, Inc.   Order 2004-BRF-77 Assessing Fine

American Eagle Mortgage, Inc.


Order 2004-MBF-20 Assessing Fine

08-12-2004   Guaranteed Rate, Inc.   Order 2004-MBR-21 Assessing Fine
08-12-2004   Statewide Mortgage, Inc.   Order 2004-MBR-23 Assessing Penalty Fee
08-12-2004   Greater Mortgage Corp.   Order 2004-MBR-32 Assessing Penalty Fee
08-12-2004   Professional Financial Mortgage, Inc.   Order 2004-MBR-61 Suspending License
08-12-2004 Order 2004-MBR-62-b rescinding suspension, Inc.   Order 2004-MBR-62 Suspending License

Order 2004-MBR-63-b issued 08-27-04 assessing penalty fee

Order 2004-MBR-63-c issued 10-07-04 rescinding suspension

American Mortgage Group, Inc.   Order 2004-MBR-63 Suspending License
08-12-2004 Order 2004-MBR-64-b issued 09-20-04 rescinding fine SIRVA Mortgage, Inc.   Order 2004-MBR-64 Assessing Fine
08-12-2004   First Suburban Northwest Mortgage, LLC   Order 2004-MBR-65 Assessing Fine
08-12-2004   First Source Financial USA, Inc.   Order 2004-MBR-66 Assessing Fine
08-12-2004   Keystone Mortgage Services, Inc.   Order 2004-MBR-69 Assessing Fine
08-12-2004 Order 2004-MBR-70-b issued 10-29-04 rescinding fine MDR Mortgage Corp.   Order 2004-MBR-70 Assessing Fine
08-12-2004   Rose Mortgage Corp.   Order 2004-MBR-78 Assessing Fine
08-12-2004   M.S.C. Financial, Inc.   Order 2004-MBR-79 Assessing Fine
08-12-2004   Inventive Mortgage Corporation   Order 2004-MBR-80 Assessing Penalty Fee
08-12-2004   American Eagle Mortgage, Inc.   Order 2004-MBR-81 Assessing Penalty Fee
08-12-2004   Bellwether Mortgage, LLC   Order 2004-MBR-82 Suspending License
08-12-2004   Mortgage Financial Advisors, Ltd.   Order 2004-MBR-83 Assessing Fine
09-09-2004   Maximo Mortgage Corporation   Order 2004-MBR-84 Assessing Fine
09-09-2004 Order 2004-MBR-86-b issued 10-29-04 rescinding penalty fee 21st Mortgage Corporation   Order 2004-MBR-86 Assessing Fine
09-09-2004   Creative Solutions Mortgage Corporation   Order 2004-MBR-87 Assessing Fine
09-09-2004   Morningside Mortgage Corporation   Order 2004-MBR-88 Assessing Fine
10-07-2004   Central Home Mortgage   Order 2004-MBR-31 Suspending License
10-07-2004   Worth Funding Incorporated   Order 2004-MBR-89 Assessing Fine
10-07-2004   New Source Funding, Inc.   Order 2004-MBR-90 Suspending License
10-29-2004   5 Star Financial, Inc.   Order 2004-MBR-91 Suspending License


Order Rescinding Suspension

Hamilton Financial Group, Ltd.  

Order 2004-MBR-119 Suspending License and Assessing Penalty Fee

12-21-2004   Executive Financial Corporation   Order 2004-MBR-120 Revoking License
12-21-2004   Powerplus Mortgage, Inc.   Order 2004-MBR-121 Revoking License
12-21-2004   Bloomfield Morgage Corporation   Order 2004-MR-122 Suspending License and Assessing Penalty Fee

Platinum Capital Group, Inc.   Order 2004-MBR-123 Assessing Fine
12-29-2004 Order 2004-125-b (issued 1/18/05 Order reducing penalty fee) AMB Mortgage Corporation   Order 2004-MBR-125

Sentinel Mortgage Corporation   Order 2004-MBR-126 Suspending License and Assessment of Penalty Fee

Eastbay Mortgage   Order 2004-MBR-127 Assessing Fine


Consent Order No. 2004-MBR-128 b

Silver Mortgage Bancorp, Inc.   Order 2004-MBR-128 Assessing Fine

Benchmark Mortgage Corporation   Order 2004-MBR-133 Assessing Fine

American Residential Mortgage Corporation   Order 2004-MBR-129 Assessing Fine

Sierra Pacific Mortgage Company, Inc.   Order 2004-MBR-130 Assessing Fine

Essence Financial Group, Inc.   Order 2004-MBR-131 Assessing Fine

Re*Quest Mortgage Team 2000   Order 2004-MBR-132 Assessing Fine

LMC Mortgage Corp.   Order 2004-MBR-134 Imposing Probation and Fine
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