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The information provided by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation website is intended for the use and convenience of interested persons. The information contained herein is updated on a regular basis but should not be considered a substitute for the appropriate official documents of the advice of legal counsel. The official version of the rules is available by contacting the Administrative Code Division of the Illinois Secretary of State's office in Springfield, Illinois. Illinois statutes are available in the book "Laws of Illinois," published by the Illinois Secretary of State's office in Springfield, Illinois.

Title 2 Illinois Administrative Code

Part 2300 - Public Information, Rulemaking and Organization

Part 2301 - Freedom of Information Act

Title 4 Illinois Administrative Code

Part 375 - Americans With Disabilities Act Grievance Procedure

Title 38 Illinois Administrative Code

Part 300 - Reverse Mortgage Loans

Part 302 - Blacklist Discrimination

Part 305 - Bank Branches and Subsidiaries

  Part 310 - Minimum Organizational Capital Requirements for Banks and Trust Companies

Part 315 - Electronic Fund Transfers

Part 320 - Powers Incidental and Germane to Carrying On a General Banking Business

Part 321 - Joint Rules Governing the Uniform Disposition of Unclaimed Property

Part 325 - Disclosure of Confidential Supervisory Information

Part 330 - Lending Limits

Part 335 - Unimpaired Capital and Unimpaired Surplus

Part 340 - Loans to Bank Officers, Employees, Directors, or to Corporations or Firms Controlled by Them

Part 345 - High Risk Home Loans

Part 350 - Loan Agreements Providing for a Bank to Share in Profits, Income or Earnings

Part 354 - Administration of Assets Obtained in Collection of a Debt

Part 355 - Statutory Bad Debts

Part 356 - Reimbursement to Banks and Corporate Fiduciaries for Financial Records

Part 357 - Reduction in the Number of Required Directors

Part 360 - Licensing and Regulation of Pawnbrokers

  Part 370 - Corporate Applications for Banks and Corporate Fiduciaries

Part 375 - Calculation, Assessment and Collection of Periodic Fees

Part 380 - Eligible State Bank

  Part 385 - Rules Governing the Request for Reconsideration of Examination Findings

Part 392 - Hearings Before the Agency

Part 396 - Corporate Fiduciary Applications and Notices

Part 397 - Corporate Fiduciary Receivership Account

  Part 398 - Pledging Requirements for Illinois Trust Companies

Part 399 - Standards for Operation and Conduct of Affairs of Corporate Fiduciaries

Part 1000 - Illinois Savings and Loan Act of 1985

Part 1050 - Residential Mortgage License Act of 1987

Part 1075 - Savings Bank Act

Board of Savings Institutions
Title 38 Illinois Administrative Code

Part 500 - Savings and Loan Board

State Banking Board of Illinois
Title 38 Illinois Administrative Code

Part 900 - Hearings for Removal of Directors, Officers, Employees or Agents of a State Bank

Title 89 Illinois Administrative Code

Part 271 - Financial Exploitation Training by Financial Institutions

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