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Welcome to the IDFPR Credit Union Section Bylaw Amendment webpage

For instructions on how to amend a credit union’s Field of Membership or how to complete a name change please see the “Field of Membership Expansion and Credit Union Name Change” section below.

The standardized forms for amending the bylaws of a credit union for a committee, amending the par value of each share, or adjusting when the annual meeting is held are in the “General Bylaw Forms” section below. These general bylaw amendments are all fillable PDFs and can be completed digitally.

You can send the forms to the Credit Union Section by:

    Email: (preferred method)
    Fax: 217-557-8461
    Or by Mail to:
    IDFPR - Credit Union Section
    320 West Washington Street, Suite 550
    Springfield, IL 62786

Please note – The Illinois Credit Union Act authorizes the Board of Directors to vote on any changes to the Bylaws and/or the Articles of Incorporation as long as they notify the membership at the next annual meeting. Credit Unions can, therefore, change their field of membership by a vote of the Board of Directors. Credit Unions may also change their field of membership by holding a vote of the membership.

Upon receipt of your request, the Department will review each form(s). The Department will sign and date any request that is approved and return the signed form to the Credit Union by email along with an invoice for the processing fee.

Amendments are not effective until the Department has signed and dated the form(s).