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Licensure Requirements for APN’s

(Section scheduled to be repealed on January 1, 2008)

Sec. 15-10. Advanced practice nurse; qualifications; roster.

I. A person shall be qualified for licensure as an advanced practice nurse if that person:

(a) has applied in writing, in form and substance satisfactory to the Department and has not violated a provision of this Act or the rules adopted under this Act;

(b) holds a current license to practice as a registered nurse in Illinois;

(c) has successfully completed requirements to practice as, and holds a current national certification as, a nurse midwife, clinical nurse specialist, nurse practitioner, or certified registered nurse anesthetist from the appropriate national certifying body as determined by rule of the Department;

(d) has paid the required fees as set by rule, and;
(e) has successfully completed a post-basic advanced practice formal education program in the area of his or her nursing specialty.

II. In addition to meeting the requirements of ( I ), except item (e), beginning July 1, 2001 or 12 months after the adoption of final rules to implement this Section, whichever is sooner, applicants for initial licensure shall have a graduate degree appropriate for national certification in a clinical advanced practice nursing specialty.