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    The Boxing and Full-contact Martial Arts Act defines a sanctioning body as an organization approved by the Department under the requirements and standards stated in the Act and the administrative rules adopted to act as a governing body that sanctions amateur contests. 225 ILCS 105/1(b).

    Amateur full-contact martial arts sanctioning bodies. The Boxing and Full-contact Martial Arts Act defines full-contact martial arts as “the use of a singular discipline or a combination of techniques from different disciplines of the martial arts, including, without limitation, full-force grappling, kicking, and striking with the intent to injure, disable, or incapacitate one's opponent.” 225 ILCS 105/1(b).
    Complete an application available on the Department’s website.
    The Department may request additional information, including an appearance before the Illinois Athletic Board, to clarify information or clear up any discrepancies. You may also request an appearance before the Board to seek approval.
    Yes, a non-refundable $250 initial application fee.
    Department may consider any factors permitted under law, including but not limited to the following topics set forth in 68 IAC 1370.700(a):
    1. whether the sanctioning body is exclusively or primarily dedicated to advancing the sport;
    2. whether the sanctioning body limits participation in its events to its registered members;
    3. whether the sanctioning body has a record of enforcing the rules governing a contest or exhibition;
    4. the record for safety of the sanctioning body; and
    5. whether the rules for the sanctioning body provide substantially similar protections for the health, safety and welfare of the contestants as the Boxing and Full-contact Martial Arts Act and the administrative rules.
    Yes, 68 IAC 1370.710 thru 1370.780 are examples of topics for sanctioning body rules for amateur full-contact martial arts. Currently approved amateur sanctioning body rules are available on the Department‘s website under Resources & Publications.
    The approval shall be valid until September 30 of each odd numbered year.
    The sanctioning body shall submit a renewal application, on forms provided by the Division, and pay a $250 non-refundable renewal fee.
    The Department may revoke, suspend, or otherwise discipline the approval of a sanctioning body if the sanctioning body fails to effect or enforce those representations made to the Department in obtaining approval or anytime during the course of a sanctioned event, or for any other reason permitted under law.