Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation



Protect yourself against bank fraud

Keep your bank receipts until you get your monthly statement.  Check each receipt against the statement to make sure it has been recorded accurately.

Look at your receipt before you leave the teller line to make sure it matches your transaction.
Count your cash before you leave the teller window.
Keep your ATM receipts and compare them against your monthly statement.
If you do not get a statement when you expect it (either monthly or quarterly), notify the bank to request a replacement copy.

If you have a problem with your monthly statement, report it to the bank audit department, not the officer who handled the transaction. 

Never sign a blank document or an incomplete form.
Keep all bank documents (passbooks, certificates of deposit) in a secure location.
Never share your password or PIN number with anyone including bank employees.

Compare the fees, charges and rules with other banks to see and select the most favorable.
If you think you are a victim of bank fraud, report it to the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation at 217-785-2900 or by e-mail at