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In order to use the Bulk License Look Up license verification application the correct format must be provided.

  • The license information can be typed in manually or you can copy and paste the license information into the Bulk License Look Up Form provided by IDFPR.
  • A valid license consists of a total of 9 numeral digits (numbers) with the first 3 being the professional code.
  • You must provide license numbers - this application does not search for licensses by their name.
  • Please seperate each license number with a comma or after each license number create a new line.
  • The following summarizes the correct format.
Text Format : Text
Valid License Example : 051954321
Invalid License Example: 099..85.3674, 999555777786766768, 0c18tr9172
Entering License Example :




Not Acceptable Example: 123-456789 -- 123801921; "153473619""123-456789", 123 456789012345, (153)473619