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Website to go live January 1, 2017

SPRINGFIELD – Kreg Allison, the Director of the Division of Real Estate (the “DRE”) for the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (“IDFPR”) named Adrienne Levatino to be the Illinois Condominium and Common Interest Community Ombudsperson (the “CCIC Ombudsperson”), effective January 1, 2017. As the CCIC Ombudsperson, Ms. Levatino will serve as the lead community liaison and educator for condominium and common interest community property issues in the State of Illinois.

Unit owners, condominium and common interest community associations and their respective boards desire clear and easily accessible information that can help them better understand their respective rights and responsibilities. The CCIC Ombudsperson was created with this in mind.

“The goal is that everyone involved in these communities can better know what laws and rules apply so that they can have realistic expectations about processes and outcomes, and peace of mind that they are being treated fairly under the law. Adrienne Levatino is uniquely qualified in both her professional and life experiences to serve as the first CCIC Ombudsperson in Illinois,” said Kreg Allison, Director of the DRE.

While the CCIC Ombudsperson cannot provide legal advice or advocacy services, enforce regulations, or resolve disputes, the CCIC Ombudsperson can publish useful information and direct citizens to resources to better inform their understanding of the laws and rules governing condominium and common interest communities and the resulting rights and responsibilities.

“I look forward to educating associations, boards, and unit owners on their rights and responsibilities here in Illinois and will ensure that the resources published or provided help them make well informed decisions,” said Ombudsperson Adrienne Levatino.

No additional or new fees, taxes, or personnel are required for the CCIC Ombudsperson which solely utilizes existing state resources in its current education and outreach only mission.