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Comprehensive Licensing Information to Minimize Barriers (“CLIMB”) Task Force

The Comprehensive Licensing Information to Minimize Barriers was created pursuant to Public Act 102-1078. The Task Force is charged with conducting an analysis of occupational licensing, including processes, procedures, and statutory requirements for licensure administered by IDFPR. For the purpose of ensuring that historically and economically disadvantaged populations are centered in this analysis, the Task Force shall identify low-income and middle-income licensed occupations in this State and aggregate the information from those occupations under the occupations' respective regulatory board overseen by the Department to form the basis a final report. The Task Force shall publish the final report by December 1, 2023 with recommendations to the General Assembly, including recommendations for continued required reporting from the Department to better support the General Assembly in revoking, modifying, or creating new licensing Acts.

    Chairperson: Rep. Carol Ammons
    Vice Chairperson: Sen. Chris Belt
    IDFPR Secretary or Designee: Dina Torrisi Martin, IDFPR General Counsel
    House Minority Leader Appointment: Rep. Amy Elik
    Senate Minority Leacer Appointment: Adam Shuster
    Non-Profit (Workforce Developmnt): Michelle Dix, Principal at Urban Focus Planning & Design
    Non-Profit (Reintegrating Returning Citizens): Mark McCombs, Policy Analyst at the Safer Foundation
    Member of Public (Barriers due to Employment): Samantha Carter, Business Owner and Champaign County Board Member
    Member of Public (Barriers due to Incarceration): Marlon Chamberlain, Fully Free Campaign Manager of the Heartland Alliance
    Policy Expert (Licensing, Workforce Dev., and Labor Econ.): Paula Worthington, Director at UChicago Policy Labs
    Policy Expert (Public Health and Safety Reg.): Joe Bradley, Health Innovation Professor at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

    Vice Chairperson

Board Meeting Agendas & Minutes