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You can now contact the Division of Financial Institutions by e-mail to register your complaint against a consumer finance company, credit union or currency exchange. When we receive your completed form, we will initiate an investigation, assign a complaint file number and notify you.

"It is important to remember that the Division does not act as the complainant's attorney. It also does not have the power to adjudicate complaints. If a dispute turns on facts that do not involve a supervised entity's violation of a specific law or regulation (such as a matter concerning a financial institution’s exercise of internal policies or guidelines) the Division may not have the authority to obtain the relief a complainant is seeking. In that case, the Division will advise the complainant about other ways to pursue the complaint, such as through consulting a private attorney and/or initiating a court proceeding."

NOTE: Adobe Acrobat Reader may be required to access some functionality of the complaint forms.