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During this financial turmoil, it is a good time to assess whether short, medium and long-term financial plans continue to meet your needs. Make sure your debt is under control, insurance policies are up to date, and savings plans are in place to give you and your family the security you deserve. It is also a good time to make sure that the financial professionals and institutions that you rely on are appropriately licensed and in good standing with the State of Illinois.

IDFPR licenses and regulates almost all the professionals and the financial institutions you'll use to make these choices. The information below was collected from public and private websites recommended by leading financial publications. They should make it a little easier, save some aggravation, and protect against unnecessary loss of time or money. Finally, The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. recently launched a Web site -- to explain to consumers exactly how much of the money they have in deposit accounts is protected.

Opening a Credit Account   Buying/Leasing a Car
  • Get Your Credit Report
  • What is a FICO Score?
  • Pick the Best Card
  • Credit Card Minimum Payment Interest
  • Protect Your Credit Rating
  • How Much Can You Spend
  • New? Used? Lease? Purchase?
  • Get the Facts on Car Insurance
  • Register Your Vehicle
  • Setting up a Household   Buying a Home
  • The Basics of Money Management
  • How To Set Up a Family Budget
  • Protect Yourself from Bank Fraud
  • Consejos para que usted se proteja contra el fraude bancario
  • Checking Account Basics
  • The Basics of Electronic Banking
  • Know Your Rights
  • Information on Homeowner's Insurance
  • Nationwide Rates
  • Mortgage Calculators
  • What You Should Watch Out for...   Money Management
  • Is my Money Protected?
  • Borrower Beware
  • Title Loan FAQs
  • How to Guard Against Internet Thieves and Electronic Scams
  • Identity Theft Consumer Brochure
  • ID Theft FAQs
  • Predatory Lending FAQs
  • Beware of Fraudulent Insurance Companies
  • Ask Doctor Debt
  • Learning Early - Teach Your Kids
  • Retirement Concerns
  • Manage Your Federal Benefits
  • Money FAQs
  • Life Insurance and Annuities
  • Buy Affordable Health Insurance
  • Investing Your Money    
  • Motley Fool
  • SEC - Investor's Information
  • SEC - Interactive Tools for Investors
  • Tomorrow's Money Illinois State Treasurer's step-by-step guide
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