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CHICAGO – Pharmacies looking to start operations or add locations in Illinois will now be able to do so at an accelerated rate thanks to a change made by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (“IDFPR”). Beginning last month, IDFPR commenced issuing new pharmacy license numbers with the status of ‘Non-Active’, allowing prospective pharmacies to begin enrolling with insurance providers while moving through the final phases of licensure. The policy shift provides pharmacies the ability to open for normal business immediately upon a successful final inspection by IDFPR.

“Prior to this change, pharmacies were required to possess full licensure before enrolling in the various managed care plans covering their patients,” said Bryan A. Schneider, IDFPR Secretary. “This policy created needless delays that slowed the opening of new pharmacies. By implementing this common sense approach, we eliminate unnecessary regulatory burdens essential to fostering economic growth in our state. As we continue to streamline and modernize IDFPR, we hope to effect a faster, smarter and more accountable regulatory experience for our licensed professionals and the general public.”

IDFPR’s pharmacy licensing policy change began February 17, 2016.

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