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Board of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology

Speech-language pathologists and audiologists came under the jurisdiction of the Department in 1992. The practice of audiology is the application of nonmedical methods and procedures for the identification, measurement, testing, appraisal, prediction, habilitation, rehabilitation or instruction related to hearing and disorders of hearing. Speech-language pathology deals with hearing screening tests and aural rehabilitation procedures, and with acts or practices that are necessary for the evaluation of and training in the use of augmentative communication systems, communication variation, cognitive rehabilitation, non-spoken language production and comprehension. The Board is composed of five persons appointed by the Secretary, consisting of two speech-language pathologists, two audiologists and one public member.

    Linda A. Burba Au.D. | Woodstock
    Kimberly M. Cavitt Au.D. | Chicago
    Cara Boester | Bloomington
    Leslie N. Ward, Public Member | Chicago
    Catherine Hanson Balthazar Ph.D. | Crown Point


Board Meeting Agendas & Minutes