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Social Work Examining and Disciplinary Board

Social workers were first regulated in 1967. In 1989, the Act was rewritten to expand the definition of social work and create the licensed clinical social worker and licensed social worker categories. Social work practice means the providing of mental health services for the evaluation, treatment, and prevention of mental and emotional disorders in individuals, families and groups based on knowledge and theory of psychosocial development, behavior, psychopathology, unconscious motivation, interpersonal relationships, and environmental stress. The Board is composed of nine persons who serve in an advisory capacity and are appointed by the Secretary, consisting of six licensed clinical social workers, two licensed social workers and one public member. The Board advises the Secretary on questions involving standards of professional conduct, discipline and qualifications of candidates and licensees under the Act.

    Rita Renee Armstrong, Public Member | Chicago
    Yolanda Jordan | Bolingbrook
    Philip C. Koehl IV | Hoffman Estates
    Marilyn C. Oertley | Peoria
    Daniel M. Potter | Skokie
    Susan M. Razbadouski | Rockford
    Lindsey Trout | Champaign
    Kathryn C. Wehrmann Ph.D. | Champaign


Board Meeting Agendas & Minutes