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Agency Mission Statement

The Mission of the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation is:
  • To protect the residents of Illinois,
  • To ensure the safety and soundness of financial institutions,
  • To ensure that competent professionals are licensed to provide services to the public, and,
  • To enhance commerce in the state for the benefit of all its residents.

IDFPR Organization

The Division of Banking regulates, charters, and supervises state chartered banks, trust companies, savings institutions, mortgage banks, mortgage loan originators, pawnbrokers, check printers, and registered non-bank ATMs.
The Division of Financial Institutions regulates, and supervises non-banking financial institutions including credit unions, currency exchanges, title insurance underwriters, consumer credit services as well as a variety of other financial institutions.
The Division of Professional Regulation licenses and regulates over 1 million professionals and firms in Illinois including a variety of healthcare related professions such as doctors, nurses, and veterinarian, as well as a variety of occupational professions such as CPAs, barbers, engineers, and detectives.
The Division of Real Estate licenses and regulates professionals involved in the buying and selling of property, including real estate brokers, appraisers, auctioneers, community association managers and home inspectors.

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