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We’re once again taking public comments for Illinois' historic Community Reinvestment Act! Learn how you can submit your comments here.

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Mario Treto, Jr. 


Kristin DiCenso

Chief of Staff

Ericka Johnson

Deputy Secretary

Susana Soriano

Acting Director, Division of Banking

Camile Lindsay

Acting Director, Division of Professional Regulation

Laurie Murphy

Director, Division of Real Estate

Executive Staff

Matt Jennings

Deputy Director, Division of Banking

Shelmun Dashan

Deputy Director, Division of Financial Institutions

Sarah Snow

Deputy Director, Division of Professional Regulation

Jeremy Reed

Deputy Director, Division of Real Estate

Erin Johnson

Cannabis Regulation Oversight Officer

David DeCarlo

Regulatory Innovation Officer

Dina Torrisi Martin

General Counsel


Brandon Purcell

Chief Operating Officer / Agency Purchasing Officer

S. Thanh Melick

Chief Financial Officer

David Heineman

Chief Information Officer

Jennifer Heydemann

Senior Deputy General Counsel

Dan Lewis

Director, Legislative Affairs

Amanda Phelps

Director, Administrative Services

Denysha Crawford

Director, Human Resources

Kate Hudson

Chief Internal Auditor

Chris Slaby

Public Information Officer