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In light of a federal ruling on April 21, 2023, IDFPR has issued an UPDATED statement about Mifepristone in Illinois. See the statement by clicking here.

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2023 News Releases
05/11/2023 Pritzker Administration Expands Access to Self-Administered Contraceptives
05/09/2023 April 2023 Enforcement Report
05/02/2023 Adult Use Cannabis Sales Figures Released for April 2023
05/01/2023 Updated IDFPR Statement on Recent Court Rulings About Mifeprestone
04/27/2023 IDFPR Announces Almost 2,700 Applications Submitted for Next Lottery for Conditional Adult Use Cannabis Dispensary Licenses
04/27/2023 March 2023 Enforcement Report
04/10/2023 IDFPR Statement on Recent Federal Rulings About Mifeprestone
04/06/2023 February 2023 Enforcement Report
04/06/2023 January 2023 Enforcement Report
04/05/2023 Adult Use Cannabis Sales Figures Released for March 2023
03/02/2023 Adult Use Cannabis Sales Figures Released for February 2023
02/21/2023 IDFPR Announces Landmark Legislation to Launch Illinois Consumer Financial Protection into the Digital Age
02/16/2023 IDFPR Warns Indivduals of Social Equity Criteria License Lottery Scams
02/07/2023 Illinois Cannabis Regulation Oversight Office Launches Cannabis Disparity and Availability Study
02/02/2023 Adult Use Cannabis Sales Figures Released for January 2023
01/31/2023 Announcement on Social Equity Criteria Lottery Portal
01/18/2023 IDFPR Announces Updates for Upcoming Social Equity Criteria License Lottery
01/06/2023 Pritzker Administration Announces Record-Setting Year for Adult Use Cannabis Sales
01/05/2023 IDFPR Releases Annual Consumer Lending Trends Report
01/03/2023 Interest Rates Affecting the Security Deposit Interest Act
01/03/2023 IDFPR Signs Variance Extending Medical Cannabis Outside Limited Access