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In light of a federal ruling on April 21, 2023, IDFPR has issued an UPDATED statement about Mifepristone in Illinois. See the statement by clicking here.

2017 News Releases

2017 News Releases
12/29/2017 Emergency Proclamation Heartland Bank and Trust Company, Bloomington, Illinois; Multiple Branches
12/27/2017 November 2017 Enforcement Report
12/21/2017 Important Notice for all Controlled Substance Licensees
12/21/2017 Town Hall Meeting - Title Insurance Agent Compensation
12/18/2017 Emergency Proclamation Heartland Bank and Trust Company, Bloomington, Illinois; Schaumburg Branch
11/30/2017 October 2017 Enforcement Report
11/30/2017 APLD Revisions Now Available for Mortgage Licensees
11/21/2017 Helpful Resources to Reduce Real Estate Closing Cyber Security Risk
11/14/2017 IDFPR’s Division of Banking Re-accredited by CSBS
11/11/2017 Emergency Proclamation for Marine Bank, Springfield, Illinois; Champaign Branch
10/31/2017 2017 Annual Renewal of Foreign Corporate Fiduciary Certificate of Authority
10/31/2017 September 2017 Enforcement Report
10/30/2017 IDFPR to Host Real Estate Closing Cyber Security Conference
10/25/2017 IDFPR Moves to Online Applications for Physical & Occupational Therapy
10/6/2017 Illinois Regulatory Financial Innovation Office Hours Set for October 18th
10/4/2017 Emergency Proclamation for First Midwest Bank, Itasca, Illinois; Zion Branch
10/2/2017 IDFPR August 2017 Enforcement Report
9/28/2017 Illinois Enters into Consent Agreement with Ocwen Loan Servicing, LLC
9/15/2017 Governor Rauner signs Senate Bill 776 into law as Public Act 100-0509
9/28/2017 Reminder: Attention Cosmo Licensees Previously Exempt from CE
9/25/2017 Day with IDFPR Secretary Bryan Schneider on October 10 & 23, 2017
9/15/2017 Emergency Proclamation for the St. Louis, Missouri area
9/14/2017 Emergency Proclamation for Busey Bank Branches in State of Florida
9/7/2017 Illinois Now a State of Principal License Designate for Physicians
9/5/2017 Emergency Proclamation for First Midwest Bank, Matteson, Illinois
8/31/2017 IDFPR July 2017 Enforcement Report
8/18/2017 New Pharmacy Patient Counseling Rules Taking Effect August 18th, 2017
8/9/2017 Illinois Opens Blockchain Development Partnership with Hashed Health
8/1/2017 Continuing Education Now Required for ALL Cosmo Licensees
8/1/2017 IDFPR June 2017 Enforcement Report
7/24/2017 IDFPR Moves to Online Application for Dental Professionals
7/17/2017 IDFPR Online Licensure Transformation Nears Completion
7/14/2017 Emergency Proclamation- Northern Illinois Banks
7/13/2017 First-Ever Regulatory Financial Innovation Office Hours Set for July 20
7/12/2017 Emergency Proclamation for Town and Country Bank, Springfield, Illinois; Lincoln Branch
6/29/2017 IDFPR May 2017 Enforcement Report
6/21/2017 Emergency Proclamation for Inland Bank and Trust, Oak Brook, Illinois
6/13/2017 Emergency Proclamation for Midland States Bank, Waterloo, Illinois
6/13/2017 IDFPR Releases Final Digital Currency Regulatory Guidance
6/8/2017 IDFPR Moves to Online Application for Controlled Substance Licensees
6/7/2017 State Regulator Hosts Chicago Mortgage Cybersecurity Conference
6/2/2017 IDFPR Moves to Online Application for Barber and Cosmetology Professionals
5/31/2017 IDFPR April 2017 Enforcement Report
5/26/2017 State of Illinois Closes Fayette County Bank, St. Elmo
5/25/2017 IDFPR Moves to Online Application for Nursing Licenses
5/18/2017 IDFPR Moves to Online Application for CPA Licenses
5/12/2017 IDFPR Moves to Online Application for Business Licenses
5/11/2017 IDFPR Moves to Online Application for Massage Therapist License
4/27/2017 IDFPR March 2017 Enforcement Report
4/27/2017 NCUA Approves Credit Union Member Business Lending Rule Change
4/27/2017 Emergency Proclamation for West Suburban Bank, Bartlett, Illinois
4/26/2017 Illinois Regulator Launches Guidance Initiative to Drive Fintech Innovations
4/19/2017 Emergency Proclamation for First Midwest Bank, Genoa, Illinois
4/5/2017 Emergency Proclamation for Midland States Bank, St. Clair, Missouri
3/31/2017 IDFPR February 2017 Enforcement Report
3/15/2017 Financial Institutions Compliance Tool Helps assess BSA/AML Risk
3/14/2017 Illinois Hosts Regulatory Roundtables
3/13/2017 2016 Residential Mortgage Licensees Financial Statements Due Date
3/1/2017 Emergency Proclamation for The Bank of Carbondale, Vergennes, Illinois
3/1/2017 IDFPR January 2017 Enforcement Report
2/22/2017 Emergency Proclamation for Lake Forest Bank & Trust Company, Highwood, Illinois
2/7/2017 Emergency Proclamation for Morton Community Bank, Washington, Illinois
2/7/2017 Attention: State Regulator Initiates Currency Exchange Audit Revamp
2/1/2017 Emergency Proclamation for Byline Bank, Chicago
1/30/2017 Attention: The Illinois Professionals Health Program (“IPHP”) is transitioning out of Advocate Medical Group
1/30/2017 IDFPR December 2016 Enforcement Report
1/27/2017 State of Illinois Closes Seaway Bank and Trust Company
1/27/2017 State Regulator Continues Innovations with Roadmap Strategy
1/24/2017 Governor Rauner Proposes Changes to Address Potentially Dangerous Drug Interactions
1/23/2017 DEA Honors Two IDFPR Medical Prosecutors for ‘Outstanding Contributions’
1/20/2017 Emergency Proclamation for Alpine Bank & Trust Co., Rockford, Illinois
1/13/2017 Emergency Proclamation for Illinois Banks on January 13, 2017
1/13/2017 Interest Rates Affecting the Security Deposit Interest Act
1/10/2017 Emergency Proclamation for Heritage Bank of Schaumburg, Shaumburg, Illinois
1/09/2017 IDFPR Secretary Schneider Appointed To NASCUS Board