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In light of a federal ruling on April 21, 2023, IDFPR has issued an UPDATED statement about Mifepristone in Illinois. See the statement by clicking here.

"How To" Series

The "How to" Series is an informational workshop tour put on by IDFPR's Division of Real Estate! The "How to" Series travels to various cities statewide teaching Illinoisans "how to" become licensed in any of our real estate related professions, or "how to" navigate the resources offered by the Division of Real Estate. 

This year, the Division of Real Estate kicks off the series, "How to Become an Appraiser." In this series, attendees will learn about exciting career opportunities in real estate appraisal:

• See a step-by-step walkthrough of what appraisers do
• Learn the path to becoming an appraiser
• Ask questions during a panel with local appraisers
• Hear about a scholarship opportunity

Learn more about the series here

If you're interested in hosting a "How to" Series workshop, please email us at