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Real Estate Valuation Task Force

The Real Estate Valuation Task Force Act (20 ILCS 4113) was created pursuant to Public Act 102-934, to directly address discrimination in valuation of real estate and underwriting of loans in racially diverse or ethnic communities.

The Task Force is set to identify racial disparities in the valuation of the real estate used for underwriting loans, and the causes of those disparities. As a result, it is specifically charged with conducting an analysis of collateral underwriting standards; standards of appraisals and alternative evaluations such as automated valuation models; procedures for reconsiderations of value by consumers; and guidance related to collateral underwriting challenges, such as energy efficient housing and limited or inactive markets.

The Task Force is also asked to evaluate the barriers of entry into the appraisal profession.

The Task Force shall publish a report of its findings and recommended actions to the Governor and General Assembly by January 1, 2025.

For any inquiries, please contact Tia Davis,

Member Appointments

Chairperson: TBD

Vice Chairperson: TBD

IDFPR Secretary or Designee: Ericka Johnson, Deputy Secretary, IDFPR

Speaker of the House of Representatives: Asst. Maj. Leader Representative Marcus Evans

Minority Leader of the House of Representatives: Dan Hofacker, Managing Director at JPMorgan Chase

President of the Senate: TBD

Minority Leader of the Senate: Jeffrey Baker, CEO, Illinois Realtors

Director of Commerce & Economic Opportunity or Designee: Tito G. Quinones, Deputy Director, Office of Legislative Affairs, DCEO

Director of Human Rights or Designee: Steven Monroy, Director of Fair Housing, IDHR

Director of Revenue or Designee: Adrianne Suits Bailey, Manager of the Property Tax Division, IDOR

Executive Director of the Housing Development Authority or Designee: Javier Gumucio, Director of Homeownership Department, IHDA

Statewide banking association representing banks of all asset sizes: Ashia Walker, Community Development Senior Financial Analyst, CIBC Bank USA

Statewide banking association representing banks with assets below 20 billion: Jamie Cumbie, Vice President of Lending at MidAmerica National Bank

Statewide association representing credit unions: Deborah Fears, President/CEO of the Chicago Post Office Employees Credit Union

Advocate for Fair Housing: Anthony E. Simpkins, President/CEO of Neighborhood Housing Services of Chicago

Advocate for Consumer Protection: Cassandra Halm, Deputy Bureau Chief of the Consumer Fraud Bureau, Illinois Attorney General’s Office

Statewide Appraisal Organization: Paul D. Brown, Real Estate Appraiser, Senior Instructor, Eastern Illinois University

Board Meeting Agendas & Minutes

Meeting Agendas

Meeting Minutes