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Veterinarian Licensing and Disciplinary Board

Veterinarians were one of the professional groups originally regulated by the Department beginning with the Agency's creation in 1917. Licensure allows the veterinarian to directly or indirectly diagnose, treat, etc., for any disease, pain, deformity, defect, injury, wound or physical condition of any animal or bird. The Board is composed of seven persons, consisting of six licensed veterinarians actively engaged in practice and one public member. The Board provides expert advice and knowledge on any matter related to the enforcement of the regulatory statute including matters related to professional competence and conduct.

Elizabeth Clyde Druin D.V.M | Mattoon | Vice Chairperson
Lauren Malmberg, Public Member | Elmwood
William Armbruster D.V.M. | Lincoln
Simuel Hampton | Cook
Ellen Helmers DVM | Madison
Jason Kennell | Tazewell
Raymond Ramirez | Tazewell


Board Meeting Agendas & Minutes

Meeting Agendas

Meeting Minutes