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Professional Counselor Licensing and Disciplinary Board

The Professional Counselor and Clinical Professional Counselor Licensing Act was signed into law in 1992. Licensed professional counselors provide services in the areas of social, emotional, educational and career testing and evaluation; assistance coping with life issues that include relationships, conflicts, problem solving, and decision making; developmental concerns; and research. The statute also provides licensure as a clinical professional counselor allowing for application of clinical counseling theory and techniques to prevent and alleviate mental and emotional disorders and psychopathology and to promote optimal mental health, rehabilitation, treatment, testing, assessment, and evaluation. The Board is composed of seven members appointed by the Secretary consisting of two members licensed solely as professional counselors, three members licensed solely as clinical professional counselors, one full-time faculty member teaching professional counseling at the college level, and one public member. The Board serves in an advisory capacity to the Secretary and makes recommendations on matters relating to approving graduate counseling, rehabilitation counseling, psychology and related programs, matters relating to continuing education, and matters of professional performance and conduct.

Katie Jacobowski, LCPC | Cook
Kenneth H. Kessler Ph.D. | Mundelein | Chairperson
Marcia Suelzer, LPC | Island Lake

Board Meeting Agendas & Minutes

Meeting Agendas

Meeting Minutes